Fitness Wide Open Program Spotlight: Personal Training

Jan 24, 2023 - 11:16 AM

Tryon Resort’s first Fitness Wide Open program spotlight is on personal training. Fitness Wide Open, located onsite at Tryon International Equestrian Center & Tryon Resort, has a variety of different trainers to ensure each individual is perfectly matched with their trainer. Keep reading to learn more about the personal training program at Tryon Resort’s Fitness Wide Open gym.

Tryon Resort’s Fitness Manager, Ross Gilling, gives us a detailed look at the benefits of personal training and details what the program has to offer.


Who can benefit from Wide Open Personnel Training?

Everyone! Whether you are a complete beginner or someone who has been working out for years, you can benefit from working with one of our certified personal trainers. 

If you’re a complete beginner, our trainers will start with the basics and build your fitness from the ground up. If you have training experience our trainers will assess your current level and then create a plan to take your fitness to the next level!

IMG_8978Who can benefit from Wide Open Personnel Training?

There are many benefits to working with a personal trainer, but let’s highlight some of the most important ones:

  • Technical Instruction

The primary benefit of working with one of our trainers is that you will ensure that you are performing all exercises safely – to offset the chance of injury and effectively – to ensure you get the most out of every rep!

One of the biggest limiting factors in training progress can be injury. If we cannot workout consistently due to injuries we will find it much harder to reach our goals. Training with improper posture and technique dramatically increases the chances of injury. Our trainers number one priority is to keep you safe and healthy so that you can continue to progress on your fitness journey. 

Closely linked to this is training effectively. If we are not executing movements in the correct manner then we will also limit our bodies ability to adapt and get stronger. You may think you’re doing things the right way, however the body always tends to try and make things easier which can result in less than perfect form without us even realizing. Over time this can lead to bad habits and a stagnation in results. Our trainers are sticklers for perfect form and can help you make the adjustments needed to ensure you reap the rewards for all your hard work.


  • Program Structure, Variance and Progression

How many times have you heard someone say they workout regularly, but fail to see any significant results? One of the main contributing factors to this is that many people will follow the same training program for years at a time. Initially they most likely saw some good results, however as they’re body adapted to the stimulus of their program, it undoubtedly became less challenging and this resulted in diminished returns.

At Wide Open we pride ourselves on the structure, variance and progressive nature of our training programs. Not only are they designed to meet the needs and goals of the client, they are also written in a way that ensures our members are following a balanced program that they are continually facing new challenges and always reaching new heights in their fitness journey.

We structure our programs based on a number of factors, how often clients are able to workout, how much time they can spend in the gym, their age, level of experience and their specific goals. Within these parameters we create the most effective program to help them meet their goals in an achievable way. 

Our programs run in cycles, which means the structure of the workouts is varied every few weeks to ensure the body and mind stay stimulated and challenged. The variance doesn’t change the main structure of the program, it simply offers it in a different format to keep the body in a state of adaptation. 

Our programs are progressive. Which means as you improve (get fitter and stronger), the program will advance along with you, but it will be so subtle you won’t even notice! If a program is not progressively overloading your system, then you are simply spinning your wheels! You work hard in the gym, following a progressive training plan will guarantee you the results you deserve. 


  • Accountability & Commitment

In the modern world it is becoming more and more difficult to fit things into our busy days! It is vitally important that we place our health and fitness as a priority. This will help ensure we don’t get distracted and miss the opportunity to give our bodies the time and attention they deserve.

An effective way to do this and to ensure we stick to the plan is to make ourselves accountable to ourselves and to others. If we schedule a workout session with a trainer there is a much higher likelihood that we will keep that commitment than if we were just planning on working out by ourselves. This may seem insignificant, however often the hardest part about sticking with a consistent workout regimen is getting to the gym. Having a standing appointment, with someone waiting for us, makes it far more difficult to blow the session off in place of something else.

Additionally, signing up to work with a trainer is a big step in your commitment process to yourself, your health and your well being. It signifies that you are committed to making positive changes, you’re ready to challenge yourself and do the work necessary to achieve your goals.  


  • Support & Encouragement

At Fitness Wide Open, we’re all about community! No matter which of our programs you sign up for, it’s our goal to make you feel welcome, safe, optimistic and supported. This goes beyond just your trainer. It also includes our staff and your fellow members. Everyone here wants to see everyone else succeed. Being fit and healthy is not an easy thing, the world is full of unhealthy temptations, but you’re not in it alone. We’ve got your back, and will do all we can to help you get to where you want to be! 

If you like to learn more about our personal training programs email us directly at


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