2022 Stall Decorating Contest presented by Allpony

Jul 7, 2022 - 8:00 PM

The Sixth Annual Pony Spectacular at TIEC is one of our favorite weeks of the entire year – and for good reason! Today, we saw everyone’s incredible stall designs for the “Decades – Past or Future” themed Stall Decorating Contest presented by Allpony.  Continue reading to learn more about each unique setup as told to us by the pony kids themselves, and don’t forget to head over to our Instagram and Facebook to cast your vote on the best stall!


Castlewood Farm 


What was the inspiration?

Well, the theme was ‘Decades’, and we chose the ‘80s because I’m a big fan of the ’80s. I love it. I love the tutus and all of that stuff! 


How is the Pony Spectacular so far?

I’m having a lot of fun! I’m also really excited for the costume parade on Saturday.


Can you give us a hint about your costume for the Pony Costume Parade presented by Allpony?

Just think of the movie ‘Grease!’ 

- Carsyn Korotkin at Castlewood Farm


Golden Oaks Farm



What was your inspiration?

We wanted to party! We also love tie-dye. 


How long did the set-up take you?

Maybe a week, or like five days? The hardest part was putting up the strings and doing the chalk. 


Are you all participating in the Pony Costume Parade presented by Allpony?

Yes! We’ll be wearing the same thing but with a lot more people, too. 

- Annabelle & Lucy Wexler at Golden Oaks Farm


Everything Little Farm



What was your inspiration?

When we came to Tryon last year, we saw that you guys did the Pony Spectacular in the summer, so we knew we wanted to come back for this week. I saw the theme, so I asked the kids during summer camp what they wanted to do and they were all about the tie-dye and the disco balls. They worked hard at camp on it and on the weekends after lessons, and they were awesome! My mom even went to the thrift store to buy the ’70s furniture, Meredith set up the photo booth, and all the parents ordered the costumes. They made t-shirts that they’ve been wearing throughout the week, too! 


What was the hardest part?

Getting everything here! The other hard part was making sure that we had enough space for everything once we actually got here. My mom and Meredith especially were like, ‘Oh, now we have a table! Oh, now we have an armoire!’ I’m like, ‘We have a horse show, too!’ I ended up ordering an extra stall [for the stall decorating].

- Kelsey Beers, Trainer at Everything Little Farm 


Briar Field Farm



What was the inspiration? 

Campbell: We all decided that we should get a bunch of ’80s stuff and work together. The decorating was so fun!


What was the hardest part?

Finley: I think the hardest part was hanging the strings up because they kept falling. I had some help with my stall, but it still took a while! 


What was your favorite part?

Emma: My favorite part was the decorating because we had so many things. I’m having so much fun this week. I’m most excited for the Pony Derby! I’ll be competing in the smalls. 

- Campbell, Finley and Emma at Briar Field Farm


Sea Hunter Farm



What was the inspiration? 

Well, it was a decades theme, and this TV show [Stranger Things] is based in the ’80s, so we thought it’d be fun and a little different. The hardest part was probably making the wallpaper because we even hand-drew all of the flowers. We think it came together really well! 

- Merritt & McLaurin at Sea Hunter Farm 


Fantastic job, everyone! Click here to learn more about the Sixth Annual Pony Spectacular and learn more about the rest of this week’s pony fun.


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