Tryon Fall 5 Recap: Caroline Mawhinney Claims Sunday Classic Win with Stella Levista

Oct 26, 2021 - 5:12 PM

Augusta Iwasaki Takes Top Two Honors in $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby

Developing Jumper Series Championships presented by Spy Coast Farm Crown Division Champions

Margie Engle and Cesna M Continue Hot Streak with $6,000 Speed Stake CSI 3* Win

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Emily Carpenter for TIEC

Mill Spring, NC – October 24, 2021 – Fifteen-year-old Caroline Mawhinney (USA) and Stella Levista raced through the timers in 34.389 seconds in the $25,000 Sunday Classic at Tryon International Equestrian Center & Resort (TIEC) for the victory to close out Tryon Fall 5 competition. Second place honors were earned by Karl Cook (USA) along with E’special P.S., the 2009 Dutch Warmblood mare (Berlin x Caruso 279) owned by Signe Otsby, right on the heels of Mawhinney with a time of 35.241 seconds. Third place was awarded to Daniel Pedraza Littlewood (MEX) and Santa Rosa Yalta, the 2012 Mexican Sport Horse mare (Unknown x Unknown) owned by Proyectos Agricolas Sa De CV, with a time of 37.344 seconds.

2AECC4ED-69D2-4666-990E-BFF21AC9D514Caroline Mawhinney and Stella Levista
©TIEC/Madison Ibach

Mawhinney and the tiny-but-mighty Stella Levista, her own 2008 Hanoverian mare (Satisfaction FRH x Levisto), prevailed throughout the Olaf Petersen, Jr. (GER) course to earn their big win in the Sunday Classic. “She’s incredible, I couldn’t ask for a better partner. She’s really small, but she’s the fastest horse I’ve ever seen and she loves her job.” Their two year partnership that began when Mawhinney was just 13 has developed into a talented duo over their years of hard work. “It took me a while to figure her out… she’s a little special, but once we got it, we got it,” Mawhinney said.

3A59597F-55C7-44D4-AF9A-A704D0F3DF04Karl Cook and E’special P.S.
©TIEC/Madison Ibach

Although Mawhinney is much younger than most competitors, she never allowed her nerves to overcome her and trusted her mount’s speed. “I was a little bit nervous and I knew that everyone was going to kind of take a similar track, but she’s so naturally quick across the ground, so I just kind of let her go. She was amazing.” Mawhinney added, “I don’t know how she kept all the jumps up!”

After a long summer of competition for Mawhinney and Stella Levista, the duo will take a well-deserved break and end on a high note before returning to competition at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) in Wellington, Florida. “She’s had a long summer and she’s been really good for me. She’s going to have a little bit of a vacation.”

04B274F2-BA3D-434A-9A2B-5154561C940FDaniel Pedraza Littlewood and Santa Rosa Yalta
©TIEC/Madison Ibach

Mawhinney reflected on her time spent competing at TIEC, concluding, “it’s a beautiful facility that is so nice for the horses, and the restaurants are great for everyone watching.” She emphasized that her Tryon experience was made by the village around her: “I just want to thank all of Triple M Farms and my family, and my amazing groom and trainer, Elaina and Jessica. I couldn’t do it without them!”

860C4D2F-3166-41FE-9A1D-2DFB1D3B0A39Caroline Mawhinney, Stella Levista and team in her presentation ceremony alongside Steve Rector, Ringmaster.
©TIEC/Madison Ibach

Augusta Iwasaki Takes Top Two Honors in $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby

Allie Hay for TIEC

October 23, 2021 – Augusta Iwasaki (USA) claimed the top two spots in the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby during Tryon Fall 5 competition at TIEC, taking first aboard Small Kingdom with a two-round score of 366.5 points and second place aboard Attendu De Lannois Z, the 2013 Zangersheide gelding (Arko III x Caletina V/D Bremboshoeve) owned by Ashland Farms, with a total score of 365 points. Dorothy Douglas and MTM Lolah LOL, the 2013 Westphalian mare (Los Angeles x Palma) owned by Abigail Davenport, earned third place honors with their two-round total of 361 points.

HB7A8361Augusta Iwasaki and Small Kingdom
©TIEC/Bailey Beck

Iwasaki and the 2011 Warmblood gelding (Grandino 25 x Novillada Du Tot) owned by Elizabeth Reilly, Augusta Iwasaki, and Chris Iwasaki produced a score of 175.5 in the first round to be invited back for the handy test. Twenty-one riders tackled Joe Carnicom’s (USA) first round of competition, resulting in a cutoff score of 154 to return for the handy round. Iwasaki credited her win to her horse’s ability to make easy turns: “He’s really handy! That’s, like, his best class always. I’m always looking, even in the ring, for turns I can do because he’s so good at it and makes it so fun.”

HB7A8341Augusta Iwasaki and Attendu De Lannois Z
©TIEC/Bailey Beck

Iwasaki also took second place honors with Attendu De Lannois Z, who is affectionately called “Tudy” in the barn. Tudy is normally Iwasaki’s equitation horse, she explained, “but he’s also really great at derbies!” She earned first place with Attendu De Lannois Z in the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby at TIEC last October and returned to have similar success this year.

HB7A8376 (1)Dorothy Douglas and MTM Lolah LOL
©TIEC/Bailey Beck

Riding three horses in the competition, Iwasaki took her time to figure out each part of the course in order to ride to top honors. “The course was long,” she noted, “and there were definitely parts you had to really think about. It wasn’t just the diagonal to the outside.”

HB7A8424Augusta Iwasaki, Small Kingdom, and Attendu De Lannois Z in their presentation ceremony alongside Molly Oakman, Director of Equestrian Operations, and Ringmaster Steve Rector.
©TIEC/Bailey Beck

Iwasaki is competing in the Washington International Horse Show presented by MARS Equestrian at TIEC next weekend and used this week as preparation for the competition. Despite only being on property for a few days, Iwasaki has already had great success at TIEC. She concluded by saying, “My time here has been great! I love it here!”

Developing Jumper Series Championships presented by Spy Coast Farm Crown Division Champions

Emily Carpenter and Sarah Madden for TIEC

October 23, 2021 – The third and final round of the Developing Jumper Series Championships presented by Spy Coast Farm was hosted in Tryon Stadium at TIEC Saturday morning, crowning Five, Six, and Seven-Year-Old Champions. David O’Brien (Lexington, KY) and Headleys Kinetic championed the final of the Five-Year-Old Division with a time of 70.483 seconds. David O’Brien also captured second place aboard Qualito SCF, the 2016 Belgian Warmblood gelding (Malito De Reve x Werly Chin De Muze) owned by Spy Coast Farm, with a time of 77.607 seconds. Third place was awarded to Dorothy Douglas (West Bridgewater, MA) and S & L Samoldsong, the 2016 Belgian Warmblood gelding (Eras Ste Hermelle x Jennybelle Du Mont D’or) owned by S & L Farms with a time of 80.775 seconds.

TIECDavid O’Brien and Headleys Kinetic
©TIEC/Allie Hay

O’Brien has been developing his partnership with Headleys Kinetic, the 2016 Warmblood mare (Kannan x Wicktoria) owned by Leap Year Farm LLC, over the last year after purchasing her last November. The pair dominated the track, seven seconds faster than their competition. O’Brien worked hard all year to progress and compete with his mare at this level, he detailed. “Through the year we tried to progress her and do small things, we did a little bit at Ocala with her and then during the summer I did more at Tryon.”

O’Brien planned his competition calendar with the Developing Jumper Series at TIEC in mind, ultimately steering his young horses toward the Developing Jumper Series Championships presented by Spy Coast Farm. “My aim was to always do these finals at the end of the year with her. She’s very, very brave, and very careful, with a big stride. She’s a mare, so she has her own opinion about stuff,” O’Brien acknowledged, “but generally in the ring, she knows her job, she knows the fences and she tries hard.”

O’Brien is launching his own business, Leap Year Farm, in November, and is excited to continue building his string of mounts based on this season’s success with Headleys Kinetic. “We’re very excited. We are going to go down to Wellington and get going!”

In the Six-Year-Old Division, Dorothy Douglas (West Bridgewater, MA) and MTM Caden raced to win the day with a time of 34.928 seconds. Second place honors were awarded to David O’Brien (Lexington, KY) and Piranha SCF, the 2015 Belgian Warmblood mare (Diktator Van De Boslandhoeve x Beluga) owned by Spy Coast Farm, LLC, who completed the short course in 35.261 seconds. Beezie Madden (Cazenovia, NY) and Kickstart II, the 2015 Dutch Warmblood gelding (I’m Special de Muze x C’est la Vie) owned by Abigail Wexner, landed third place with a time of 34.03 seconds.

IMG_1411Dorothy Douglas and MTM Caden
©TIEC/Natalie Suto

Douglas and the 2015 Holsteiner gelding (Cascadello x Catoki) owned by Davenport Farms just embarked on their relationship together, fulfilling one of Douglas’s next goals.

“We just bought him a couple of months ago actually from a local guy in Ocala named Jacob Fletcher, he was bred at the Wild Turkey Farm. He’s a pretty new ride for me. We had a few young jumpers like two years ago that did all of the six year olds and this was kind of my goal – to get a few young jumpers, and if a cool six year old came along, doing all of these championships and being able to jump liverpools and combinations, and to be in this environment. It just brings them along really well.”

Douglas explained how MTM Caden’s former training assisted in their successful week at TIEC.

“Since he does have a bit of an Eventing background, I knew the jump-off would be the easiest part. Even just coming in today I was like, I’m not going to think about it, I’m just going to ride the course, ride the horse that I have and hope that everything worked out. He literally jumped four double clear rounds all week, and I couldn’t be happier with him.”

For Douglas, the experience at TIEC is very valuable to the MTM Caden’s growth. “I think the exposure [at TIEC is great]. Even last week he got to jump in the International Ring and he did a small jumper class up in ring 3 and just the atmosphere and everything. I know that leaving the show I’m going home with a better horse than what I came with.”

Douglas concluded by sharing how she enjoys using TIEC as a base location. “We’ve been travelling the past few weeks, but obviously we love Tryon, it’s so convenient. I have my camper here and the store, it’s nice to just kind of be on base, grab something quick to eat.”

Juan Ortiz (Wellington, FL) and Odiel VDM championed the Seven-Year-Old Round 3 Final, concluding what’s been a year of growth and success since receiving the horse as a birthday present, Ortiz relayed. “My owner surprised me with the horse. I’ve known him since he was five years old, but I never had somebody that would give me enough support to buy such good raw material. It was really nice to be able to acquire him!” Ortiz complimented his partner’s attitude and talent, saying, “He’s a sweet animal, and he learns something new everyday. He is very powerful and a pleasure to ride. He just wants to please!”

IMG_1431Juan Ortiz and Odiel VDM
©TIEC/Natalie Suto

Ortiz and the 2014 gelding (Diamant De Semilly x Gotile Horta) owned by Blue Trim LLC. stopped the jump-off timers in 34.181 seconds for the win, while Jacqueline Steffens (Wellington, FL) rode Funk Yeah, the 2014 Hanoverian gelding (Messenger x Cenlotta) owned by Team Eye Candy, to second on a time of 34.861 seconds. David O’Brien (Lexington, KY) and Octavius SCF, the 2014 Belgian Warmblood gelding (Diktator Van De Boslandhoeve x Beluga) owned by Spy Coast Farm LLC., claimed third place honors with a time of 35.063 seconds.

Because his horse has a slower, larger stride with ample loft over fences, Ortiz knew he had to use his strengths to earn the best possible result, he explained. “He spends so much time in the air – he jumps too high! My only place [to make up time] is to leave out strides, because he has a big step, and the jump-off was designed a little for that. You could be creative in the lines and do one step [fewer] everywhere. It was beneficial for the horse,” Ortiz detailed, “because he’s not naturally that fast. My plan was to just leave out any stride that I could.”

Odiel VDM also won under the lights in Tryon Stadium when the Developing Jumper Series hosted an evening class, a new component of the series that Ortiz says helps create well-rounded jumping athletes as they grow and mature:

“He also won the night class that was recently developed here. Here, they [young horses] get the experience of jumping in three fantastic rings, whether it is Ring 6 or the International Stadium or the Tryon Stadium. And, [Tryon] has the versatility to create different classes at different times. That element for the young horses is very good, because we are never put in the annex rings or in a small ring, but always in the big rings! The young horses are a priority here,” he reiterated.

“There’s a cut on the bill, too, which really helps people develop young horses… because that is the hardest part of developing young horses in America, is the cost. It’s an unbelievable experience for all of them. They’re always jumping in different places with different courses and different materials and with great course designers. It’s very good for them.”

Part of his success in the Developing Jumper Series comes from his consistent presence at the venue, which Ortiz considers home. “I spend six months out of the year here. Tryon, to me, is my second home. It’s a fantastic venue; the management does an incredible job, and all of the people involved have great ideas and are making this event so good every single time we come. I don’t want to go anywhere else! My family loves it, my kids love it, and my friends love it. It’s a beautiful venue and I [wouldn’t] change it for anything.”

More than just a venue for Ortiz, he concluded that the team at TIEC has been an integral part to his positive experiences as a competitor, both in and out of the show ring. “Although my zip code is Wellington, this to me is home. I continue to thank the people around here who do nothing but help out with me. I’ve been going through a little bit of a tough situation and the show management and the people that own the facility and all of the people around this place have been nothing but great support systems in my life,” Ortiz emphasized. “All I can do is thank them; I don’t know how else to do it with words. They have been just amazing in my life.”

Margie Engle and Cesna M Continue Hot Streak with $6,000 Speed Stake CSI 3* Win

October 22, 2021 – Margie Engle (USA) and Cesna M, the 2012 Oldenburg gelding (Check In 2 x Sandro Boy) owned by Virginia T. Bartholomay, scored their second FEI win together with Friday’s $6,000 Speed Stake CSI 3* in Tryon Stadium after their 67.78-second performance. Hyde Moffatt (CAN) and Gisborne VDL, the 2011 Dutch Warmblood stallion (VDL Zirocco Blue x Goodtimes) owned by Ariel Grange, cleared the Olaf Petersen, Jr. course design in 69.79 seconds for reserve honors, while fellow Canadian Ali Ramsay guided Conrado 12, the 2013 Zangersheide gelding (Cardento x Diarado) owned by David Sport Horses Inc. and Ramsay Equestrian Inc., to third place with a time of 70.99 seconds.

HB7A8569Margie Engle and Cesna M
©TIEC/Natalie Suto

Jumper Highlights:
The ProElite Children’s Jumper 1.10m Division congratulated Tarin Kiely (Rumson, NJ) as champion aboard Nikita Jolie, owned by Ashland Farms. Reserve champion honors were awarded to Olivia Sweetnam (Wellington, FL) riding Sweet Oak Farm’s Just Noble. 

Chelsea Roche (Wellington, FL) and JR Show Stables LLC’s Casquido 4 championed the Big Ass Fans 1.20m Open Jumper Division, with reserve champion honors belonging to Stephanie Gallucci (Loxahatchee, FL) aboard Jersey for Equine Partners International LLC.

Hunter Highlights:
The Small Pony Hunter Division was championed by Sweet Oak Farm’s Long Story Short, ridden by Robert Mercer (Wellington, FL). Macgyver, owned by Lily Beck and ridden by Maryann Teuschler (East Bend, NC), earned the reserve champion ribbon.

Owner/rider Avalon Wilburn (Dallas, TX) piloted Carline to the champion honors of the Pre-Children’s Hunter Division. Elisa Goebel’s Egotrip and Lucy Rabb (Fort Mill, SC) grabbed reserve.

View all Division Results from Tryon Fall 5 here. 

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The Tryon Fall Series pauses for the 2021 Washington International Horse Show presented by MARS Equestrian (WIHS), hosted at TIEC October 26-31, before resuming with Tryon Fall 7. View complete WIHS information at and view all TIEC competition information at

Photos ©TIEC. These photos may only be used once, in relation to this press release. Competitors may review and purchase photos from throughout the Tryon Fall Series or request photos for upcoming competitions at With questions, contact



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