Tryon Fall 5: Winners Crowned for Developing Jumper Series Championship presented by Spy Coast Farm

Oct 25, 2022 - 10:37 PM

Quentin Judge and HH Zorro Z are Quickest in $25,000 Tryon Resort Sunday Classic


Margie Goldstein-Engle Cannot be Beat in the $6,000 Speed Stake CSI 3*


For Immediate Release:

Lily Yampolsky for TIEC

Mill Spring, NC – October 22, 2022 – The Developing Jumper Series (DJS) Championship presented by Spy Coast Farm concluded on Saturday in the Tryon Stadium at Tryon International Equestrian Center & Resort (TIEC). Competition started on Wednesday in the International Stadium, and continued on Thursday in the Tryon Stadium. Faults from both rounds continued into the final on Saturday, and their times Thursday decided where riders would fall in the order of go. Riders who had been clear in all three rounds jumped-off to decide where the ribbons would fall.

TF5SATCL159077Jens Filippusson and S&L Iceman
©Chelsea Lothrop for TIEC

The 7-Year-Old DJS Championship presented by Spy Coast Farm went to Taylor Land (Atlanta, GA) riding Team Land Syndicate I LLC’s 2015 Oldenburg gelding Escobar WW (Etoulon x Pretty Woman) who rode three clear rounds, as well as a clear jump-off with a fast time of 34.152 seconds. In second place was Daniel Bluman (Davie, FL) riding his own 2015 Zangersheide mare Corbie V.V.Z ET (Cornet Obolensky x Kerbie V.V.), who stayed clear throughout the competition with a jump-off  time of 34.327 seconds. Rounding out the top three was Roberto Teran Tafur (Wellington, FL) on Trefoil Farm LLC’s 2015 Dutch Warmblood mare, Kamea DV (Arezzo VDL x Tina), who produced clear rounds with a time of 34.472 in the jump-off.

TF5SATCL159557Taylor Land and Escobar WW
©Chelsea Lothrop for TIEC

“The first day, I was trying this new bridle for the first time, so I wasn’t really sure how it was going to go, but he was really good,” Land explained. “I was super happy with him. The time didn’t count, so I just went conservatively and he jumped around really well. I love both Anthony [D’ambrosio] and Michel [Vaillancourt] who designed the two rings, so I really did enjoy the courses all three days.”

As the competition progressed, however, Land knew that conservative efforts would only get her so far, she acknowledged.

“Thursday, I knew that the time counted for comeback order today, so I went pretty fast. In the middle of the course there was a line that I had walked in nine, but I had seen a few people do eight [strides].  I’d asked some people if they were doing eight, as it looked difficult and I didn’t really want to do eight, but also I knew that time mattered. So,” she continued, “I still planned for nine, and then, when I was halfway down the line, I just saw eight. I went crazy and gunned him at it and he chipped and jumped it twenty feet in the air, and jumped amazing. Then, he jumped the rest clean and was the fastest. So, I had a very lucky week. He definitely won this class, not me!”

TF5SATCL159609Taylor Land and Escobar WW in their presentation ceremony alongside Lisa Lourie of Spy Coast Farm.
©Chelsea Lothrop for TIEC

Land raved about the importance of having the Developing Jumper Series Championships presented by Spy Coast Farm at TIEC:

“It’s an incredible opportunity. Horses have to learn to jump multiple rounds in order to be ready to jump bigger Nations Cups in the future. If they don’t get that opportunity as young horses, they’re just not prepared. Coming here and jumping in two different rings, and getting to jump in this amazing stadium with great courses, is just so beneficial because it helps you develop them. Then, they’re ready to come back here and jump an FEI 2* class in a few years. If you don’t have that experience, they’re just not ready.”

For full results from the 7-Year-Old DJS Championship, click here.

Jared Petersen (Archer, FL) and Jordan Peterson’s 2016 Belgian Sporthorse gelding, Kawir MS (Comme Il Faut x Biarrtiz), were the winners of the 6-Year-Old DJS Championship presented by Spy Coast Farm with three clear rounds and a clear round in the jump off in 39.027 seconds. Jens Filippusson (North Salem, NY) riding S & L Farm’s 2016 Belgian Warmblood gelding, S & L Pistol Pete (Jon Pleasure van de Mispelaeere x Donia van de Meerputhoeve), finished in second after advancing to the jump-off with a time of 40.915 and three clear rounds. In third was Brittni Raflowitz (Palm City, FL) and ESI Showjumpers’ 2016 Oldenburg stallion, Kankan (Kannan x Estelle), who was the fastest finisher in the final round on 4 faults with a time of 65.671 seconds.

TF5SATCL159279Jared Petersen and Kawir MS
©Chelsea Lothrop for TIEC

“I personally felt the first day was the hardest,” Petersen revealed. “I didn’t think I had the best round the first day. I had rubbed a couple jumps and I felt like I was lucky to be clean. But when we came in the last two days, I thought my horse jumped so much better in this ring,”  he assessed.

“Yesterday I thought the course was nice, and today I thought it was really difficult, with tricky combinations and numbers. I just kept hustling around,” Petersen reported of his strategy. “I wasn’t really trying to be crazy fast. Jens has a very nice horse and it jumps really scopey, and he said he was going conservative a little bit, so while normally, if I felt like I needed to be faster, I might have gone inside from one to two. Since he didn’t do it, I didn’t feel like I needed to. I felt like if I was at least a little bit ahead of his pace, then I would be okay.”

TF5SATCL159306Jared Petersen and Kawir MS in their presentation ceremony alongside Jordan Petersen and Lisa Lourie of Spy Coast Farm.
©Chelsea Lothrop for TIEC

It wasn’t love at first sight for Petersen and Kawir MS, he admitted: “My mother-in-law bought him from a foal auction when he was six months old and didn’t tell me or my wife about it. He just showed up one day, and my wife and I were like, ‘what is this?’ He looked like a llama. He was the ugliest baby ever. When he was three, we broke him and he threw me off more times than I can count. Eventually, he decided he liked being ridden and we started practicing little jumps; and he really likes to jump! So, he’s turned out well. They say the best ones are a little bit quirky, and he’s definitely quirky.”

For full results from the 6-Year-Old DJS Championship, click here.

Jens Filippusson (North Salem, NY) took the first and second place spots in the 5-Year-Old  DJS Championship presented by Spy Coast Farm. Riding his own 2017 Holsteiner gelding S&L Iceman (Quibery x Forona), Filippusson rode three clear rounds to advance to the jump-off with a time of 38.654 seconds. S & L Farms’ 2017 Warmblood gelding S & L Caviaar (Chaiton F Z x Hailey) also had three clear rounds, finishing just behind Filippusson’s other ride with a jump-off time of 38.654 seconds. Trapp O’Neal (Magnolia, TX) and Epic Sporthorses, LLC’s 2017 Oldenburg mare Epic’s La Mia (Andiamo Semilly x Lady Chanel Della Baia) finished in the third place position after electing to not compete in the final round.

TF5SATCL159091Jens Filippusson and S&L Iceman alongside Lisa Lourie of Spy Coast Farm.
©Chelsea Lothrop for TIEC

For full results from the 5-Year-Old DJS Championship, click here.

Quentin Judge and HH Zorro Z are Quickest in $25,000 Tryon Resort Sunday Classic

October 23, 2022 – Quentin Judge (Wellington, FL) and Double H Farm’s HH Zorro Z took the win in the $25,000 Tryon Resort Sunday Classic with a time of 36.157 in the jump off. Jacqueline Ruyle (Houston, TX) and her own 2011 Zangersheide mare Cyramo Z (Clarimo x Cyprus) took the second place honors with the fastest time of 35.703 seconds, but 4 jumping faults. Hallie Grimes (Houston, TX) and Can We Keep It? LLC’s 2012 Oldenburg gelding Chaccato PS (Diablo Blanco x Chiarastakkata) rode to a time of 38.633 seconds with 4 jumping faults to take third.

TF5SUNSS165097Quentin Judge and HH Zorro Z
©Sarah Sturgis for TIEC

Fifty-two entries rode Michel Vaillancourt’s (Aiken, SC) track, with five pairs going clear and advancing to the jump off. Judge and the 2013 Zangersheide gelding HH Zorro Z (Zirocco Blue VDL x Gitte VD Mespel) were the only pair to go double-clear, guaranteeing them the win.

“I thought my horse [HH Zorro Z] jumped really well in both rounds. The first round he handled quite nicely. I jumped the FEI division this week, but decided today’s class was a better bet for me than last night’s Grand Prix. He’s only nine and I thought it was a nicer class for him. He jumped in the first round easily and confidently. I was pleasantly surprised how well he jumped it.  In the jump off, I went first,” Judge recapped.

“I had John and Beezie Madden give me some advice on what was best for my horse and his stride, which was to leave out a stride in both first lines and try to be quick in the beginning so I could take a minute and slow down to the double. He’s a big horse, and a bit young, and needs a moment there to jump around the double. I didn’t really have a plan of a number [of strides] in mind to the last jump, but I knew from counting that in the first round 11 strides was probably doable. I ended up doing it in nine!” he revealed. “I don’t know why I left so many out, but the horse was very good and he has a lot of scope and tries really hard, and luckily left the ground and left it up. He was very good to me at the last jump!”

TF5SUNCL166291Jacqueline Ruyle and Cyramo Z
©Chelsea Lothrop for TIEC

Judge and HH Zorro Z competed earlier in the week in the FEI CSI 3* competition, making the $25,000 Sunday Classic, hosted at the American Standard level, feel easy for the pair:

“For my horse, I was in the fortunate position of having him competing a notch down in technicality and level. He’s been jumping in the FEI divisions, and I think in this American Standard Grand Prix, you normally get a lot of younger horses coming up or sometimes younger riders. I think that for a horse like mine, even though he’s only nine, he’s been jumping some bigger classes, so this was a nice step down for him. The fence height was a bit smaller for him and he was able to handle it easily. I probably came in over-prepared compared to the other riders for the day, which is always a better position to be in.”

TF5SUNCL166183Hallie Grimes and Chaccato PS
©Chelsea Lothrop for TIEC

Judge explained that Tryon Fall 5 was his first visit to TIEC in 2022, and that he chose to put the venue on his calendar for its depth of offerings.

“I thought it was a really nice schedule for me to be able to jump horses in smaller classes, to jump in the FEI division, and jump the National Grand Prix. We have a lot of clients here jumping everything from the Low Adult Jumpers to the High Amateur Jumpers. I think this is a great time of year for us to be here: in the fall, it’s beautiful. The weather’s a little cooler, but it’s a really nice show for us to come to on our way down to Florida or to Indoors each year, because we can bring a lot of our young horses. We brought a few of our homebreds and jumped the DJS Championship this week,” Judge concluded, “which is a nice end of the year thing for them to do. All in all, it’s been a really good first week for us here, and we’re looking forward to the second week.”

For full results from the $25,000 Sunday Classic, click here.

Margie Goldstein-Engle Cannot be Beat in the $6,000 Speed Stake CSI 3*

October 21, 2022 – Margie Goldstein-Engle (USA) and Virginia T. Bartholomay’s 2012 Oldenburg gelding Cesna M (Check In 2 x Sandro Boy) were the quickest with a time of 66.53 seconds in the $6,000 Speed Stake CSI 3* to take the win for Engle’s third week in a row. Conor O’Regan (IRL) and Delshore Horses LLC’s 2012 Belgian Warmblood stallion Manchester (Quidam de Revel x Codex) had a time of 67.01 to finish second. Margie Goldstein-Engle also took the third place spot with a time of 67.34, this time riding the Gladewinds Partners, LLC’s 2012 Danish Warmblood gelding JackofHearts (Heartbeat x Baloubet de Rouet).

TF5FRISS155737Margie Goldstein-Engle and Cesna M
©Sarah Sturgis for TIEC

For full results from the $6,000 Speed Stake CSI 3*, click here.

Hunter Highlights:

Sophia Ashley (Edmond, OK) won both the champion and reserve champion honors in the Viridien Children’s Hunter Horses 14& Under Division with Zoe Warden’s William Tell and her own Zenzero respectively.

Thomas Serio (Aberdeen, NC) and Sharon Winnie’s Chambourcin were champion in the Baby Green Hunter Division, while Brandon Gibson (Knoxville, TN) and Raegan Burlison’s Allora finished as reserve champions.

Jumper Highlights:

The Pavillon Medium Jr/Am Jumper Division championship was awarded to Luke Jensen (Denton, TX) and North Run’s Undercover, while the reserve champion honors were won by Andrea Vogel (Rye, NY) and her own Zohra M Z.

The Nutrena Open 1.40m Jumper Division champion was won by Lucy Matz (Coatesville, PA) and her own Jillz, while Alex Matz (Coatesville, PA) and Five Star Partners’ GK Finette (and won the reserve championship.

For full division results from Tryon Fall 5, click here.

The Tryon Fall Series continues through October 30, with Saturday Night Lights presented by Tryon Horse & Home continuing through every Saturday in October. The Tryon Fall Finale Series will follow in November, featuring two weeks of B/Level 3 Hunter/Jumper competition. For more information about the 2022 fall competition calendar, visit

Photos ©TIEC (Chelsea Lothrop, Sarah Sturgis, and Natalie Suto as noted). These photos may only be used once, in relation to this press release. Official show photos can be viewed and purchased at With questions, please contact


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