Stabling Requests:

2022 competition information is posted at and Stabling instructions for the  2022 show season are posted below.


How to order:
1. log into or
( – for instructions on how to
create an entry

2. Submit an entry with a stall fee added

3. If you are shipping your horse in for the weekend, add the “Ship In Fee” when entering

4. Tack stalls can be ordered directly onto horses or onto the barn account (which is automatically created) and can be split when you check in for the show

1. $300 per stall, tack room, or grooming stall

2. This fee includes Equine Night Security

1. Stalls are non-refundable after the closing date of each show

2. Stalls are on a first come first served basis. Some weeks will be limited on number of stalls available

3. If permanent stalls are filled, temporary stalls will be used

4. Stalls cancelled after the closing date are non-refundable

5. To cancel a stall/entry, please email and (Stall fee and scratch fee may apply)

1. Shavings and hay can be ordered on each entry, or on the trainer’s barn account, which is automatically created after the first horse is entered.

2. Shavings and hay can be split when you check in for the horse show.

Available Hay

  • Orchard Grass (50-60lbs bales from NC) | $22.00
  • 1st Cut Timothy (45-55lbs bales from NY) | $22.00
  • 2nd Cut Timothy (50-60lbs bales from Canada) | $26.00

Available Bedding

  • Small Flake Pine Shavings (Limited availability) | $9.00/bag
  • Regular/Blended Flake Pine Shavings | $9.00/bag
  • Premium Large Flake “Beaver Bag” Pine Shavings | $11.00/bag
  • Paper Shavings (hypoallergenic, no dust, high absorbency) | $14.00/bag
  • Classic Straw | $15.00/bale

3. Grain and Feed delivery available from The Hay Rack.

4. Hay and bedding offerings are subject to change depending on availability.

5. No other outside deliveries permitted.


1. Stalls are available at 1pm two days prior to the show (ex. if the show starts on Wednesday, stalls are available Monday).

2. Early arrival fee will apply to anyone that arrives prior to the designated arrival time

Required Health Documents:
1. The following health documents must be presented with the horse(s) at the gate upon arrival, and also presented to the horse show office in order to pick up numbers:
– Negative Coggins test within one year
– Proof of EHV1 and EHV4 vaccinations within 6 months as per USEF rule GR844
– Out-of-state horses must have a 30-day interstate Health Certificate

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