Gladiator Polo™: Where Are They Now? Santi Torres & Mariano Obregon

Jul 24, 2017 - 12:01 PM

Wondering where your favorite Gladiator Polo players are this month?  We caught up with the members of Team Charlotte and Team Greenville to see what they are up to this summer when they aren’t with us at Tryon International Equestrian Center.

Hear from Team Charlotte’s Santi Torres and Team Greenville’s Mariano Obregon!

Santi Torres playing for team Charlotte.
Mariano Obregon competing for team Greenville.


1. Where are you located this summer? 

Santi: Sheridan, Wyoming. This is my first full summer and it’s a really nice place. I love it.

Mariano: Santa Barbara, CA playing for the Santa Barbara Polo Club.


2. Where do you travel next?

Santi: After Wyoming, I will probably go to Texas to visit my girlfriend before coming back to Tryon, NC to play in Gladiator again.

Mariano: Aiken, SC then to Argentina for a month and then Wellington, FL in December for the winter.


3. What are you doing when you’re not playing polo?

Santi: There is so much to do. I play golf, go trail riding, fishing, eating a lot of barbecue and  camping in the mountains.

Mariano: We go to the zoo with my daughter and we like to go to the beach to hang out.


4. What was your favorite thing about playing at Tryon?

Santi: The set up is amazing. I like the bigger arena and it was really fun. It was also cool that there were so many people who came up to get their posters signed.

Mariano: The packed stadium. It was the biggest crowd I’ve ever played for!


5. What are you looking forward to most for your next Gladiator Polo match?

Santi: I am so excited to come back. I hope we have the same crowd as we did last time. They were great.

Mariano: Another big crowd and lots of fans!


6. What else would you like to do while in Tryon, NC?

Santi: I would love to try the Cleghorn Gun Club and the pool next time. All of that fun stuff.

Mariano: I want to check out the Cleghorn Gun Club.


 7. Why did you take this photo while at TIEC?

Santi: This photo was the first time I saw the ring. I was so amazed and very excited that that’s where we were going to play!



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We can’t wait to see these guys again on September 1st for our next Gladiator Polo™ match! Good luck this summer, and we will see you guys very soon!

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