Advertising Terms & Conditions

Oct 2, 2020 - 11:49 AM

Advertising Terms & Conditions

Updated 9/29/20

All rates are based on print-ready and plate-ready advertisements. If ads do not meet specifications and requirements listed above, print quality is the responsibility of the advertiser. Tryon Resort is not responsible for poor print quality if the minimum requirements are not met.


Payment is accepted by credit card only except in the following cases: non-profit organizations and government entities. Credit cards can be processed over the phone or using the payment online form provided.


For questions or submissions, email


Any account outstanding more than 30 days from the delivery date of the publication will be subject to a 1-1/2% per month service charge, not to exceed 18% per annum.


In the event of non-payment, all legal fees and collection costs are the responsibility of the advertiser or agency placing the advertisement.


Advertisements are accepted upon the representation that the advertiser and its agency have the right to publish the contents thereof. In consideration of such publication, advertiser and its agency agree to indemnify and hold Tryon Equestrian Properties, LLC harmless against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising out of publication.


No cancellations or refunds of space reservations will be permitted after the closing dates.


Tryon Equestrian Properties, LLC reserves the right to reject any advertisement that is not in keeping with the company’s brand standards. All orders are accepted on the terms and conditions outlined above.


Production Charges
Advertisers must supply digital files of advertising materials or a charge will apply.


Advertisers may be charged for any or all of the following: design, layout, art, scans of logos, photographs, line drawings, artwork, retouching due to poor condition of supplied artwork (ad), typography, and/or client alterations. Design services available based on evaluation.

Please note that the file content remains the responsibility of the sender, Tryon International Equestrian Center & Resort does not accept responsibility for the final printed result.


For questions or concerns, please contact

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